Hypno-yoga is a highly successful, unique and creative combination of traditional Hatha yoga, hypnosis/guided imagery, EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

The body manifests disease in response to the mind and emotions. Suppressed emotions (energies) can become stuck in the body, manifesting into physical or mental disease.This in turn blocks the natural flow of energies.


Hypno-yoga is like a diamond - multi faceted.

It locates and releases the manifestations along with their ‘roots’. The removal of blocked energies (your physical/emotional disease) allows the body/mind freedom.

Hypno-yoga is a powerful follow up after hypnotherapy or psychotherapy. It maintains/increases your improvements received from therapy and treats the body as a whole.

Specific asanas release the blocked energies that have manifested within the corresponding localities of the physical body

Asanas are postures that rebalance body and mind, stretch the muscles releasing tension, toxins and trapped energies. They give your body definition and improve posture, leaving one more supple with a positive energy.

Negative rumination of the past or future, tension, anxiety, depression, guilt and fear etc can be held within the body and manifest in the form of IBS, ulcers, neck/shoulder tension, migraine etc and even cancer and heart disease.


Janette can help you

With Janette's guidance, one-2-one Hypno-Yoga will instil positive expectations and changes, maximize the content and quality of your yoga session, increase confidence and ability in your yoga practice. This can have a knock on effect into many areas of your life.

Guided imagery induces the alpha state and the REM phase – a hypnotic state that occurs every 90 minutes through out our lives. This ability glues new learnings/changes in place and helps create the type of future you want.


10 minutes of relaxation in the alpha state can equate to 2 hours sleep.

Hypno-Yoga can help most problems all under the ‘umbrella’ of a yoga session.


“Janette’s support and expertise in Hypno-yoga is a potent one. It has given me the power to control and banish depression and excessive anxiety. Let her do the same for you.”
Charles, Worthing




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